Tungsten Carbide Inserts, Lathe Machine Cutting Tools

2022-05-06 Share

     Lathe machine cutting tools are used for shaping up various materials and even for performing different functionalities like sanding, cutting, deformation, knurling, facing, turning and drilling. These are special tools used for performing various operations. To be more precise, a lathe is basically a machine tool possessing the ability of rotating wood or metal to desired shape. The machine tool uses stationary cutting tools for performing different operations and for removing excessive materials from work pieces. Thus, the tools are of good use in achieving specified shapes and sizes of different work pieces.


    Based on the lathe machine, there are varied lathe cutting functionalities or procedures that need to be carried out for getting desired shape. To start with, there is facing that involves cutting metal from one end so it perfectly fits the right axis angle. Then there’s tapering where metal is cut into cone shape using compound slide. Parallel turning is the process of cutting material parallel to axis. This is one of the most important operations used for decreasing the material diameter. Then there is parting that involves removing a part so it faces the end. There’s a parting tool used for this purpose. The different lathe cutting tools include grooving tool, carbide tip tool, tungsten carbide inserts, parting blades and cut-off blades.

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