• EDC 300 EDC Grooving Inserts
EDC 300 EDC Grooving Inserts
  • Product name: EDC-300R0.4 Inserts
  • Series: EDC



Product Information:

EDC-300R0.4 double-ended inserts for parting and grooving with high clamping rigidity. For stable tool life and accuracy.It is a cost-efficient solution for depths in which 2-edged inserts can be used for parting off and external grooving.



The inserts are mainly used for parting, external grooving, face grooving, internal grooving, profiling and hard part turning.Roughing to finishing.



What is grooving used for?

Grooving or recessing operations, sometimes also called necking operations, are often done on work piece shoulders to ensure the correct fit for mating parts. When a thread is required to run the full length of the part to a shoulder, a groove is usually machined to allow full travel of the nut.


What is face grooving?

When making an axial groove on the face of a component it is important to choose the correct tools. The bending radius of the groove will determine the curve of the tool. Chip evacuation can be a problem in face grooving due to the curved groove.


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